At Obama Home Service we offer

We offer

Car wash at home

We are a company in the Dominican Republic that understands that your time is valuable, which is why we bring our service directly to your door.

Reliable payments

Transfer or cash

Record time

No more waiting or lines

Saving money

For your satisfaction

Flexible schedule

08:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Quality and experience

Customized services

Classic Wash

A complete wash that leaves your vehicle
sparkling clean, with attention to detail.

Deluxe wash

Exceptional care that includes washing
exterior and interior, leaving your vehicle
impeccable and fresh.

Premium wash

Our elite service, with a focus on
the protection and lasting shine of your vehicle.

Exceptional customer service

Detailed attention

At Obama Home Service we always provide personalized attention, effective solutions, and a focus on customer satisfaction.

Multiple benefits

There are many benefits to choosing our home car wash company.

We address various sectors

Objective of our company

Our objective at Obama Home Service in the car wash area is to reduce the ecological impact caused by conventional washing and to contribute to the protection and preservation of natural resources.






Taxi drivers

Rent car

Salons and hairdressers

Service request in 4 easy steps

Obama Home Service Reservation Process

Website and online form

On our website, we have created an online booking form that customers can fill out with the necessary information.

Phone number

We also provide a phone number so customers can call us directly.

Confirmation of the appointment

Once the appointment has been scheduled, either through the online form or by phone, we will send a confirmation to the client.

Washing service

At the scheduled date and time, our professionals will arrive at the location specified by the client.

Experience car washing without leaving home today!

Imagine being able to enjoy your free time while our experts take care of leaving your car sparkling clean. Schedule your service now and enjoy a professional car wash at home!

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