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We stand out for our unique value proposition, facilitating the comfort of receiving a service in the place that best suits our clients.

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Our Company

We are Obama Home Service, a Dominican home car wash business that was created in 2010. Our goal is to solve the problem of those who lack time to go to a traditional car wash, and thus avoid the loss of valuable hours.

We offer a convenient service, allowing clients to call us from anywhere to receive a wash in a calm and pleasant environment. We focus on reducing the ecological impact of conventional washing and preserving natural resources.

Home washing

We make it easy for people to enjoy a quality wash without having to go to a traditional carwash.

Commitment and innovation

We use washing products and techniques that minimize water consumption and reduce chemical contamination.

Customer satisfaction

We strive to provide exceptional service and exceed our customers' expectations with every interaction.

Our mission

“With this Home Vehicle Wash business model, we intend to solve the problem for many people who, due to work, do not have enough time to go to a traditional Carwash and lose 2 or 3 hours of their valuable time. With this model, we They can call from the comfort of their home or anywhere they are without having to move from one place to another and thus obtain a service in a calm and pleasant environment.”

Our FAQ's

We offer three types of laundry services: Classic Wash, Deluxe Wash and Premium Wash. Each of them has different features and prices.

The Classic Wash includes a complete exterior wash, vacuuming and basic cleaning of the interior of the vehicle. The Deluxe Wash offers a more detailed exterior and interior wash, including upholstery cleaning and surface polishing. Finally, the Premium Wash is our most complete service, which includes a luxury wash with high-quality products and personalized attention to every detail of your vehicle.

We are located at Calle 2 de Junio, NUM.2, Monte Rey, Boca Chica, Santo Domingo Este, Dominican Republic.

You can contact us by phone and WhatsApp at the following number: 849-429-4040.

Our customer service hours are Monday through Saturday, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

You can schedule an appointment for our laundry service through our customer service Chatbot on WhatsApp Business. Our team will be happy to help you schedule your appointment according to your availability.

We accept credit cards, bank transfer, PayPal and cash payment to the Staff at the time of carrying out the laundry service.

The duration of the home wash may vary depending on the type of service requested and the characteristics of the vehicle. In general, our home washes are carried out in an estimated time of 1 to 2 hours.

Yes, the prices of our washing services include the cleaning products necessary to carry out a quality wash and protect the paint of your vehicle.

Yes, we periodically offer discounts and special promotions on our laundry services. We recommend you to be attentive to our social networks and communication channels to find out about our current offers.

Experience car washing without leaving home today!

Imagine being able to enjoy your free time while our experts take care of leaving your car sparkling clean. Schedule your service now and enjoy a professional car wash at home!

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